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Stamping-Lubricant Success
By introducing performance additives into the mix, suppliers of metal-stamping lubricants create formulations that, besides reducing friction and prev...   Read More

Extreme-Pressure Additives
Extreme-pressure (EP) additives, activated at certain forming pressures and temperatures, deter friction during tough metal-stamping operations. We de...   Read More

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With environmental regulations increasing, combined with an ongoing trend in environmental consciousness, many metal stampers are exploring the use of renewable forming fluids. How important is using renewable fluids to you?

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At the end of the day, manufacturers who work with metals want one thing from rust preventive (RP) technologies: the assurance that their metal products will arrive at their destinations free of rust or stain. But environmental concerns and competitive pressures have complicated that challenge for blenders and formulators in recent years with additional, more complex requirements.
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